Emmanuel MONZIES

Paintings and Etchings

Emmanuel Monziès is transposing living material like plants and bodies on paper or on canvas with a predilection for monotypes.

This complex living world we neglect, if not destroy, is revealed by shadows, imprints and drawings. “Printing life” is becoming the common thread of his artworks.

Rebel Plants is one of his last exhibition: These monotypes transform imprint of plants into abstraction. The printing plate is reused several times with additional inking and drawings which create an intriguing complexity from successive compositions.

Single Pose was an exhibition a few years ago with a unique model painted with the same point of view. Acrylics, etchings, inks and watercolours were medium used to explore this single pose. Each artwork became a piece in a chain link which question us about perception.

The tree has also been a research theme in recent months with the exploration of tortured forms of trunks and branches using various techniques such as ink, watercolor or monotype.

These artworks have been presented at personal and collective exhibitions in France, Canada, United States, South Korea, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Dubai and other countries.


Shortlisted at the Guanlan International Print Biennial, Shenzhen, China (May 2019)
Runner-up for the next Creative Quarterly #54 journal (November 2018 for publication in April 2019)
Winner participation prize: 6th Bio-Art contest, Seoul, Korea (October 2018)
Winner Painting Category: ITSLIQUID International Contest 5th Edition 2017 (July 2018)
Finalist of the contest “The Artist of the Year 2017” by Pratique des Arts (January 2018)
Special Recognition Award: Pattern art exhibition, Light Space Time Online Art Gallery (December 2017)


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“By capturing plants imprints on paper, we unite living things to mineral, 3D volume to 2D plan, ephemeral to everlasting, these opposition becoming fusion. Like a fossil, the imprint reveals the plant which become textures and shadows.”